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American Landmark Apartments is one of the fastest growing multifamily owner-operators in the United States. Based in Tampa, FL, American Landmark specializes in the strategic acquisitions and aggressive management of value-add multifamily assets located in high-growth markets throughout the United States. A private owner-operator with the knowledge and experience of over 30 years in the multifamily property industry, we continue to generate outsized, risk-adjusted returns of our investors. We provide services including apartment management, in-house due diligence, property acquisitions and disposition, and construction project management. 

Our current portfolio consists of approximately 32,000 units spread throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. The sponsorship team has a solid 25 year track record in this arena, having purchased and successfully exited over 150,000 units. We believe in alignment of interests between sponsors and investors, and full and transparent audited reporting in both GAAP and IFRS. American Landmark is committed to delivering great service and outstanding living environments to residents; and delivering consistent attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors and partners.

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Our current portfolio consists of approximately 26,000 units spread throughout Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. By continuing to provide outstanding service and hand-over-hand returns to our partners, we look forward to our continued growth throughout the country.


  • 2 location in the Austin area
  • 12 locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • 10 locations in the Houston area
  • 5 locations in the San Antonio area


  • 8 locations in the Jacksonville area
  • 7 locations in the Southeast Florida/Miami area
  • 4 locations in the Orlando area
  • 4 locations in the Tampa area


  • 8 locations in Atlanta

South Carolina

  • 1 location in Summerville

North Carolina

  • 7 locations in the Charlotte area
  • 4 locations in the Raleigh area


  • 2 locations in the Nashville area
Map of our investor locations at American Landmark Apartments in Tampa, Florida