Artem Mirolevich
Artist in Residence 


American Landmark Apartments, is proud to announce Midtown 24’s new Artist in Residence, Artem Mirolevich. This initiative is devoted to celebrating the role of arts and culture in community, and is a unique and valuable opportunity for our communities and residents. Artem will be hosting art classes for our Midtown residents offering them an opportunity to work up close and personal with him on many concepts. 

Artem Mirolevich loves to tell stories. He uses pen and ink, paint and watercolors to share his imaginings. A native of Minsk, Belarus he relocated to Buffalo NY in 1993 at the age of 17. His education at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and the Rietveld Academy of Art in Amsterdam refined his native talent.

He is trained as an illustrator, and his high skill for extreme detail is present in all his works. Each is a tale of its own, one of otherworldly places and people. Each is a portal to a mystical meta-civilization, where doom and hope coexist.

As of today, Artem has participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions in museums, galleries and art fairs worldwide, including solo shows in England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Japan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Latvia and USA.

He is also a founder and curator of the Russian Pavilion which exhibited at Art Basel Miami in 2012, which showcases emerging and established artists from Russia and Eastern Europe. 

The time he spent in Amsterdam, a city in constant challenge with the sea, inspired him to produce images of a post-apocalyptic city submerged deep under water.  Paintings, etching, sculptures and collages created with the juxtaposition of various mediums are the means of Artem’s artistic expression.

Artwork for grant proposal at Midtown 24 in Plantation, Florida
Interior clubhouse at Midtown 24 in Plantation, Florida

Artem portrays ancient civilizations, philosophy, present society, and also what he envisions for the future. His characters range from heroes and villains, to ordinary men and even mythological creatures.

His tales include appearances from dwellers of Babylon, the lost soldiers of Alexander the great, Einstein, samurai warriors, urban legends, time travelers, and scientists of subterranean worlds.   When words alone cannot describe what he envisions in his mind, it is his through his artwork that he finds a means of visual language and communication.

Artem has traveled the world and has illustrated his adventures. He is now married to Alexsandra his muse, and they are expecting their first child later this year.


Museum and private collections include:

Jewish Museum (Moscow), Third Temple Museum (Jerusalem), Ryazan Fine Art Museum (Russia), Museum of Russian Art (USA), Kolodzei Art Foundation (USA), Robert Rothchild (USA)


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